Friday, September 18, 2009

Why can't Baseball Cards go Green?

We see it everywhere now, every company is going green and Eco friendly. So why can't baseball cards?
I'm saying this because I see countless sports cards of no name and scrub players been made in every product. Don't they need to use paper to make these cards? Don't they also need plastic and whatever else to create those flashy inserts? I have not heard of any company stating "We use 98% recycled products" on their baseball cards. Sure we see it on the boxes that holds the cards but they can do so much more.
Better yet why can't companies give us collectors the incentive of sending unwanted cards back so they can recycle it for future uses. Mostly products from the mid 80's and mid 90's are only good for fire fuel. And on top of that they should cut down on player selection in their products. Nobody wants a player that has a lifetime batting average of .180. No we are not fans of garbage players and we surely don't need something we don't care about to take up more space.
Just the other day I saw a Burger King using a panel that gives energy every time a car drives over it. So I'm going to ask again, why can't company like Topps, Upper Deck and whomever else that makes sports cards go green?

High end vs. Low end Cards

Here is a list of boxes to bust. Just don't expect it to be anything high end. I think I've learned my lesson in that. After busting countless boxes of high end stuff and pulling cards that resell for $10 and $15 I've decided to buy only the lower end boxes. Why you ask? Well think about it this way, say you spend $150 on a box of cards and pull a no name player that sells for $10. How does that make you feel? Want to lie down on the couch and talk about it?
Now say you spend $50 on a box of cards and pull a no name player that sells for $10. See the difference?
Sure there is always a chance that you might pull something great that sells for ten times the amount of a box. How rare is that? If I was going to be that lucky, I'd rather play the mega million everyday. The payout would be much much much more.
Now say you do pull a nice card out of a high end product. And it re sells for twice the amount of a box. ( I say twice because nowadays even a nice autographed card won't sell for much) You are basically getting your money back and another box with two base cards. But say you spend only $50 and get a card that sells for $100. Not only are you making your money back you will probably get 143 base cards including inserts. Get the big picture yet. You pay less but end up getting more.
Now I understand that not everybody is out to collect cards. Some people want to make money out of the hobby. But for the true collectors out there, think before you burn your money.