Monday, August 12, 2013

Before they were rookies : Dave Justice

So what do you do when its so easy to get a rookie card thats massed produced? You go and look for something more rare or scarce. In this case Dave Justice came into the league in 1990. Leaf / Donruss, Topps and Upper Deck all had printed millions of Dave Justice's cards.

Besides his 1990 Topps Tiffany card in gem mint condition, Dave Justice's cards are just not worth much. Besides the ones stated the only other one that comes close is the 1994 SP Holoview Red      Die-Cut card. But, this card is nowhere near his rookie year, not to mention that the card is considered an insert.

So what do you do when you are a Dave Justice fan or like a challenge? Well as my previous blogs has stated, I go looking for pre-rookie cards, Minor League Baseball Cards.

Here I have a 1986 Dave Justice Sumter Braves MiLB card issued by ProCards. Now unlike other players, for some reason Dave Justice never had another MiLB card which leaves only one to choose from unless I'm wrong. This card was issued four years before his rookie year, which is quite a time lapse. Also, this card is not expensive even in gem mint grade. A typical team set would set you back twenty dollars. This specimen of a gem mint example set me back a total of twenty dollars excluding shipping.

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