Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Evolution of Sports Whining

The Washington Nationals have picked Stephen Strasburg as their no. 1 pick. Now they are saying that he may not sign with the team. I would like to know the reason why he is not signing. Perhaps the money is not enough? Maybe he does not want to play for Washington? Or could it possibly be he would rather be working at the dollar store at the corner of the street?
Sport whiners, umm excuse me sport players can be so idiotic at times. I don't know who has more greed the players or their agents. Most players are screaming "I deserve more money" (Michael Craptree) or "I haven't touched a baseball yet but I'm the first pick so that 14 million dollars are not enough (Stephanie Strasburg or Scott Boars?)
But perhaps the most infamous athelete has to be Latrell Sprewell ( NBA) when he said "I can't feed my children with the paycheck I'm getting". I would like to see an athelete work at a sweatshop making the jerseys and hats. While getting paid $2 an hour with no bathroom breaks and see how they feel. You know the saying "you don't know what you have until you lose it"? Obviously atheletes don't know this phrase.
What I can't understand is, how can somebody make $7 million a year and say "I'm looking out for my family so I want to see who can offer me more money" The atheletes nowadays whine and cry more than they play. Yeah they are good, that's why they are still playing. But they also have to learn how to shut up and earn your money. Going up to the plate and earning $100,000 per swing (A-Roid) and then crying "It's too much stress" is not going to do it.
Personally I think atheletes should earn their money just like everyone else. Prove yourself first and then open your big mouth to demand more money.

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