Saturday, October 1, 2011

The over abundance of game used products

Baseball cards have always been a printed media for people to collect. It all started out on the back of tobacco products from the early years. Children and adults collected the cards for the love of baseball. Through the years companies like Topps and Leaf have produced basic plain baseball cards with the same assorted problems. Awfully cut, misprinted and/ or mis-aligned cards that we loved. Then Upper Deck came in and introduced the use of Game Used products. These instantly became a new trend and every company jumped on the bandwagon. But at what cost to the hobby?
Game Used cards are no longer worth the cardboard they're inserted into anymore. Collectors throw these around like garbage mainly due to an abundance of jerseys, bats, caps and scrub players. It's not bad enough that game used cards are over produced, companies like Topps, Upper Deck and the such no longer give us game used equipments anymore. These are now called Event worn. So exactly what does that mean? the player touched the equipment for an exact 0.2 nano seconds. Thats whats game used now, technically anything can be event touched. A pen, paper, part of their car or even an encapsulated air bubble that they breathed out can be made into a card.
When will this madness end? Sometimes it might be better to try to improve a product by its core base rather than fancying up the extra bonuses. I would like to see MLB come up with a clause that does not allow any so called game used product to be produced in one year. Unfortunately I think the collectors would go on strike and make all the baseball card producers go bankrupt. But seriously we all need to look back on the history of baseball cards and learn the true meaning of "baseball card".

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